Powerful solutions for In-Line Assets across Marketing, Sales, Patient Support, Access & Managed care

Brand Marketing Solutions
  • Portfolio & Brand Performance Score cards
  • Marketing /Media Mix Optimization
  • Campaign Effectiveness Measurement (Test /Control)
  • MCM Omni Channel Analytics
  • Next Best Action
  • Digital Analytics
Analytical Wizards Digital Analytics Deliver Insights for Growth
In this case study, Analytical Wizards reviews how answering ad-hoc business questions led to insights for growth.
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Campaign Effectiveness
Measuring the impact of a digital campaign can help identify gaps and areas to improve the effectiveness…
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Market Insights Solutions
  • Integrated Performance tracking
  • Dynamic Patient Journey
  • Size Treatment Flows, Sources of Business
  • Segmentation, Strategic Opportunity Assessments Patient Finder Analysis
  • Patient Retention Risk Prediction
  • Patient Profiling & Targeting
AI ML Use Case for Predicting Patient Compliance
ML-based solution reduced patient drop-offs and discontinuation of therapy by 18% driving $74M incremental annual revenue…
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Successful Use Cases of AI in Pharma
In this video featured at Ai4 2021, Inna Glozman and Jason Carlin present several case studies that demonstrate the successful…
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Sales Solutions
  • Dynamic Targeting
  • Forecasting & Market Sizing
  • Sales Force Sizing & Structuring
  • Sales Force reporting, real time triggers/ insights for Rep detailing
  • Territory Alignment/IC
  • Key Influencer Mapping
  • Sales Force Efficiency
Segmentation and Targeting
Explore how a Machine Learning (ML) customized targeting approach can improve brand loyalty and increase market penetration.
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Advances to Omnichannel Roadmap Accelerating Brand Performance
A look at important considerations for the omnichannel strategy and using data analytics to improve brand performance…
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Managed Care Solutions
  • Contracting/Rebate/Coupon Optimization
  • Payor Influence/Mix
  • Payor Segmentation
  • Account Mgmt. Effectiveness
  • Value Based Contracting
  • Diagnostic and proactive Analytics to optimize Patient Support Programs
  • Patient Copay & Adherence Program Effectiveness
AI ML Use Case for Rebate and Contract Optimization
The Machine Learning Solution predicted likely share and rebate scenarios at a Plan level to enable optimization.
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Improving Patient Compliance
Learn about some new steps being taken to utilize AI algorithms to predict therapy discontinuation, creating opportunity…
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