Next Best Action

Predicting HCP’s Prescribing Behavior Leveraging ML

Determine HCP’s propensity to prescribe to predict and optimize the Next Best Action for future prescribing behavior for Brand

Big Pharma client implemented NBA triggers to proactively identify and direct personal & non-personal promotional efforts towards HCPs with a high propensity to prescribe the Brand. NBA resulted in a lift of 25 HCPs translating to incremental sales in the first month of implementation


Only one-third of HCPs write a Rx for the Brand in any given month. All of the digital vendors are not effectively utilized every month, with certain
Vendors executing significant promotional activities. The brand team would like to understand:

Identify & target HCPs with a high likelihood to prescribe in the future

Determine Next Best Action in terms of NPP Channel Activity to maximize prescriptions in the future

Business Objectives

Expand breadth and depth of prescribing behavior with a focus on strategic accounts by leveraging effective promotional tactics

Identify holistic drivers of engagement and conversion, including volumetric and promotional levers

Estimate adoption likelihood score for non-prescribing accounts and propensity to prescribe score for prescribing accounts

Segment accounts into high, medium, and low adopters/growers

Enrich current targeting by combining volumetric segmentation

AW Approach

Business Impact