Accelerating Trial Enrollment via IZE Trial Accelerator

Site selection focused on trial-specific inclusion criteria

A new approach to clinical trial investigators and sites selection results in faster clinical trial completion, demonstrating substantial cost savings and a shorter time to market.

Combining Big Data sources helps form a complete picture of the trial-specific eligible patient distribution among potential investigators and sites.

One company, plagued with slow recruiting, approached Analytical Wizards (AW) to identify a solution. After 24 months of recruiting patients for a phase III clinical trial, the sponsor had only reached 20% of the patient enrollment goal set by the FDA. AW leveraged a claims database and AI to predict the fastest enrolling investigators and sites. AW also identified additional physicians with eligible patients who could refer patients to investigators.

AW identified not only the fastest recruiting sites but also the fastest recruiting investigators within the site. For example, the Mass General site was opened in this case study, but the Mass General investigator the sponsor chose did not have the patient pool meeting the study criteria. Another investigator at Mass General had the appropriate patient pool. The analysis showed that 18 of the top 20 sites with eligible patients were NOT enrolled. By shifting the strategy to enroll investigators and sites with the highest predicted recruitment speed, they accelerated patient enrollment by ten times, going from 3 patients enrolled per month to more than 30 per month.

Business Results:

The sponsor completed enrollment of the remaining 80% of patients needed in the U.S. in the next 12 months

Estimated trial cost savings were at $10M

Achieved FDA approval 12 months earlier than initially anticipated, resulting in increased revenue of $150M

Trial Accelerator Benefits

Evaluate multiple datasets with a focus on the trial-specific inclusion criteria

Conduct an independent assessment



Identify and target investigators, sites, and physicians with eligible patients

Dynamic dashboard to track progress, monthly triggers

Result: Faster clinical trial completion, faster time to market