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Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Technology enablement and automation are critical tools for the use of Big Data to speed deeper insights and inform business decisions. Analytical Wizards’ industry veterans ignite the charge for change! On a mission of shared knowledge, shared learning, and innovation, together with our partners we achieve deeper insights with agility and efficiencies that lead to performance improvements. We share our thoughts, case studies, and insights to spark insights for change and encourage you to share or respond.

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Top Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2021 – Awarded By Healthcare Tech Outlook

Analytical Wizards is an innovative company set up with the vision of scaling automating and generating accelerated…

Successful Use Cases of AI in Pharma

In this video featured at Ai4 2021, Inna Glozman and Jason Carlin present several case studies that demonstrate the successful use of AI in pharma…

For the 2nd Time, Analytical Wizards Appears on the Inc. 5000

For the 2nd Time, Analytical Wizards Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 1741 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 263 Percent

Analytical Wizards – A Great Place to Work!

Learn more about the culture brewing at Analytical Wizards to help you decide if it is the right place for your next career move.

Trends Using AI to Predict HCP Prescribing Behavior

A panel of pharmaceutical executives shares their respective experiences using AI for prescriptive analytics and some of the constraints

Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2021 – Awarded By Healthcare Tech Outlook

Pharma organizations have long struggled with disaggregated and de-identified data. No single source or sets of data are

The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021 | The Enterprise World

The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021 features the stories of companies that revolutionized business sectors.

Analytical Wizards – Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers – 2020

Three of the top five pharmaceutical companies worldwide are clients of Analytical Wizards.

Harnessing the Power of AI to Inform HCP Interactions

The rapid pandemic eruption forced many organizations to reevaluate the direction and speed of decisions.

Post PMSA 2020 Annual Conference: Interview with Paulomi Patel

Following an onslaught of questions submitted during the webinar titled HCP Engagement with Optimal Channel Sequence…

PMSA 2020 Annual Conference

PMSA held their first Virtual Conference on December 3-4, 2020. Many professions gathered to share best practices and…

COVID-19 Impact on Operationalization of Analytics

Three key trends we are seeing increase, as a result of the pandemic.

Expedite COVID 19 Trial Enrollment

Predicting COVID-19 surges at a county level for the next 30 days could ultimately pave the way for speedier trial enrollment.

Unlocking Your Brand’s Hidden Potential with Dynamic Targeting

In this case study, AW examines current targeting methods and demonstrates a dynamic targeting technique that looks at multiple…

Adapting to OmniChannel Strategies

Strategies to consider when moving from a single message in all channels to a personalized customer experience across all channels.

Advances to Omnichannel Roadmap Accelerating Brand Performance

A look at important considerations for the omnichannel strategy and using data analytics to improve brand performance…

Improving Patient Compliance

Learn about some new steps being taken to utilize AI algorithms to predict therapy discontinuation, creating opportunity…

Creating a Framework for Weekly Forecasting Post COVID-19

COVID-19’s impact on forecasted sales was not expected. This POV demonstrates a new framework and solution for Monthly…

Estimating Sales Force Efficiency

Stochastic Frontier Analysis is a powerful technique to analyze field force efficiency and gain insights on best actions to…

Analytical Wizards Expands into New Offices Following Series A Funding

Analytical Wizards, a New Jersey-based global healthcare analytics firm delivering actionable insights for enterprises in…

Analytical Wizards secures Series A funding from Sopris Capital

Analytical Wizards, a New Jersey-based global healthcare analytics firm, has announced that it has secured Series A funding…

Ram Sharma Shares The Art and Science of Healthcare Analytics

The editors of CIO Techie reached out to our own Ram Sharma to gain insights on the road ahead for healthcare analytics in…

Significant 2019 Expansion

Analytical Wizards announced today the addition of key new staff to its expanding operations in the U.S. and India. The…

Ram Sharma Answers the Question “What is the Right Multichannel Mix?”

In the June 2019 issue of PM360, Ram Sharma, Managing Principal of Analytical Wizards shares strategies for determining the…

An interactive roundtable moderated by Analytical Wizards

Analytical Wizards is coming to eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019 to be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center…

PMSA 2019 Annual Conference

Unlocking Your Brand’s Hidden Potential Through Dynamic Targeting Using ML Approaches is an Analytical Wizards presentation…

Analytical Wizards reports WIZ drove record-setting revenue results for 2018

Analytical Wizards, a data science and analytics firm delivering actionable insights for enterprises in the healthcare,…

PMSA 2018 Annual Conference

Excited to share the news that AW’s AI presentation was selected as the Best Presentation at the PMSA Annual Conference…

Analytical Wizards’ WIZ Case Study for Informing Global Launch Readiness

A top Bio-Pharma company was looking to consolidate and streamline learnings from previous product launches…

Analytical Wizards’ WIZ Case Study for Dynamically Manage Global Resourcing

A large top 5 pharmaceutical manufacturer was looking to improve and optimize investments across six regions…

Analytical Wizards’ WIZ Case Study for Driving Analytics Efficiency

A large pharmaceutical company was looking for an opportunity to shift away from a consultant-heavy promotional…

Accelerating Trial Enrollment via IZE Trial Accelerator

Harness the predictive power of AI ML & NLP to expedite clinical trial enrollment.

Segmentation Targeting Case Study

Explore how a Machine Learning (ML) customized targeting approach can improve brand…

Campaign Effectiveness

Measuring the impact of a digital campaign can help identify gaps and areas to improve the effectiveness…

Digital Analytics

In this case study, Analytical Wizards reviews how answering ad-hoc business questions led to insights for growth.

Analytical Wizards Identify Underdiagnosed Patients

Harness the predictive power of AI, NLP for richer insights from medical notes.

Next Best Action

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to predict HCP prescribing behavior and optimize…

Case Study: Promotional Mix

Committed to ensuring a successful product launch despite the challenges they faced during the pandemic…