Omnichannel Analytics with speed to insights!

Evaluate and optimize all sales and marketing channels, guiding investments to gain the most significant impact. Predict outcomes for next best engagement.


Accelerate your analytics to accelerate your growth


  • Define business rules
  • Use existing or create new models
  • Collect and prepare data


  • Identify channels with impact
  • Test campaigns and learn what works
  • Segment targets for different channel strategies


  • Create scenarios to optimize channel mix
  • Uncover optimal communication strategy (cadence/frequency)
  • Predict next best engagement

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The expertise of the team at Analytical Wizards provides us with exceptional insights that have consistently helped us allocate budget across various products and promotional tactics, saving several million dollars.
Jisang Pack
Director, MCM Analytics
I recommend the WIZ Platform because having an interactive UI with many built-in options results in a simplified and more efficient process, as well as increases overall productivity
Advanced Analytics
It’s quite amazing how much useful information AW is able to provide in a short span of time. Their expertise in advanced predictive analytics and optimization is evident from the insightful, business driven results they provide
Peter Ingraham
Global Analytics Lead

Discover the WIZ Analytics Platform Achieve Commercial Excellence

  • Measure promotional impact
  • Design tests and evaluate results
  • Create dynamic micro-segments
  • Assess optimal channel scenarios
  • Identify ideal cadence and frequency
  • Predict engagement outcome

Outcomes that count!

WIZ Analytics Platform Business Use Cases