Successful Use Cases of AI in Pharma

The complexities of healthcare combined with the challenges of bringing a new therapy to market are immense. Machine learning (ML) artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being used to enable faster data analytic processes, reduced errors, and improved efficiencies. Together these are fueling change within the life sciences industry. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to healthcare analytics. Each companies’ business needs are unique. It all starts with understanding the business challenge and tailoring the AI solution. In this video you will learn about the use of AI to identify patients with an ultra-rare disease, predicting the patient journey within a common illness, predict the fastest enrolling clinical trial sites and investigators, and optimizing promotional programs to reach the targeted audience.

In this video featured at Ai4 2021, Inna Glozman and Jason Carlin present several case studies that demonstrate the successful use of AI in pharma to solve for business challenges.