MSA 2018 Annual Conference Interview with Paulomi Patel

Post PMSA 2020 Annual Conference: Interview with Paulomi Patel

Following an onslaught of questions submitted during the webinar titled HCP Engagement with Optimal Channel Sequence, Paulomi Patel, Principal and Omnichannel Engagement expert at Analytical Wizards, is interviewed to provide further insights and answers to questions from participants.

Abstract/Questions Answered:

  1. Why did you choose this topic of exploring channel sequence and cadence for PMSA?
  2. Did you have a hypothesis in advance of the project?
  3. What impact did COVID-19 have on this project?
  4. How did you approach model accuracy?
  5. Once you solve for channel sequence, what is the next step?
  6. Why should pharmaceutical marketers engage with Analytical Wizards? What differentiates AW from others?