PMSA 2018 Annual Conference Version 2

PMSA 2020 Annual Conference

PMSA held their first Virtual Conference on December 3-4, 2020. Many professions gathered to share best practices and drive continued innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Paulomi Patel, Principal at Analytical Wizards, together with Matt Hauben, Otsuka, delivered a presentation titled Improve HCP Engagement with Optimal Channel Sequence.

Abstract: The expectation for healthcare brands to be able to perform systematic measurement and optimization of their promotional investment is motivated in part by the proliferation of digital marketing tactics such as email, web, search engines, social media and mobile apps. The measurement of promotion effectiveness has mostly presented a static, top-down picture that fails to address certain questions that could prove crucial to the success of a campaign. One of these is the temporal sequence and cadence of promotions. The impact of a sales rep making an office call to an HCP (healthcare practitioner) followed by an email on the same topic should have a different impact than doing the reverse, that is first sending an email and following it up with an office call.

Brand teams will be able to gain actionable insight into the sequence and timing of promotion channels, starting with questions such as:

  • What is the optimal sequence of marketing tactics for the target brand?
  • What is the optimal gap between two channels?

Marketers currently don’t have the tools to find out from the data which sequence works better, how much better, and whether this varies between different HCP segments. Interaction Sequence Optimization aims to address such next-level question.