Analytical Wizards reports WIZ drove record-setting revenue results for 2018

Data science and analytics firm’s launch of the omnichannel marketing analytics platform propelled the firm to a year-over-year revenue increase of 80 percent.


NEWS PROVIDED BY Analytical Wizards  –  Feb 28, 2019, 10:03 ET

SOMERVILLE, N.J., Feb. 28, 2019 (PRNewswire)  — Analytical Wizards, a data wiz80science and analytics firm delivering actionable insights for enterprises in the healthcare, life science, and retail industries, today announced it saw record revenue growth again in 2018 with year-over-year results demonstrating an 80 percent increase, according to Ram Sharma, the firm’s founder and one of its managing principals.

Check out WIZ, the record-setting platform in action.

“We are thrilled to find the market responding so enthusiastically to our cutting-edge analytics, consulting services & technology platform,” Sharma said. “Our success mirrors the value we provide to clients and marketers who hope to draw actionable business insights from their data assets. The launch of WIZ last year was particularly well-received.”


The WIZ platform

WIZ is a cloud-based, omnichannel marketing analytics platform designed to facilitate data-driven decision making by brand marketers, Sharma explained. It employs an automated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engine to enable users to see real-time, multi-touch attribution and optimization of their marketing promotions (online and offline) at the customer level. WIZ also allows scenarios and simulations to be modelled to identify for marketers the preferred channel, message, and offer for driving customer engagement and conversion.

“Our big pharma and biotech clients are especially excited about the uniquely detailed insights that WIZ provides,” Sharma said.

A unique feature of the WIZ platform is that it is “flexible open architecture” based, enabling clients to customize solutions to individual needs while harnessing AI for analytical horsepower, scalability, and speed. There is complete transparency and flexibility in terms of models, views, and data sets, as well as the ability to host the data in any environment — internal, external or cloud based, depending on clients’ preferences versus the proverbial “black-box” that typical standardized platform offerings deliver.


About Analytical Wizards

Founded in 2015, Analytical Wizards empowers commercial decision makers by unlocking actionable insights from data assets. To that end, the firm offers innovative cloud-based analytics platforms, scalable big-data analytics infrastructure and reporting solutions, advanced business analytics consulting services, and a flexible resourcing model designed to meet each client’s unique needs.


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