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Analytical Wizards products help accelerate performance and optimize investment.

IZE Insights Engine – Accelerate Performance

  • Seamless architecture with the ability to mine insights from multiple Big Data Sources
  • Cloud-based solution that requires no software purchases or downloads
  • Integrates well into any client IT system and architecture
  • Deploys AI/ML algorithms
  • Curated by business experts to help interpret results and provide insights

IZE for Planning

  • Opportunity assessment
    • Map dynamic patient journey
    • Identify leverage points
    • Size the market opportunity (strategic forecast)
  • KOL Mapping
    • Identify KOLs (influencers and who they influence)
    • Benchmark competitors KOL spend
  • Trial Accelerator
    • Identify patients who become eligible for clinical trial
    • Trigger visits to the investigators based on patient eligibility

IZE Performance 360

  • Patient Finder
    • Find look-alike patients eligible for a brand
    • Determine the conversion strategy
  • Compliance Optimizer
    • Predict patient-specific risk of non-compliance or discontinuation
    • Trigger stakeholder action to prevent non-compliance or discontinuation
  • Analytics on Demand
    • Measure business performance
      • Analytics-Ready Data layer
      • KPI Scorecards

WIZ Omnichannel Analytics Platform to Optimize Investments

  • Flexible
    • Highly customizable cloud-based infrastructure
    • Best-in-class Model Forms to fit all promotion and mix needs
    • Quick to implement and not a black box technology
  • Scalable
    • Ease adoption with familiar analysis approaches and outputs
    • Saves time for resources to focus on insights and other analysis needs
    • Streamlines capability to more novice data scientists/statisticians
  • Consistent
    • Guided model development to ensure the best fit
    • Project sharing, user review, and sign-off throughout the platform
    • Editable visualization and data exported directly into PPT and XLS

Analyze Performance

  • Channel Attributor
    • Identify historical promotional impact
    • Update model data in real-time for more frequent performance evaluation
  • Test and Control
    • Support controlled A/B testing of promotional activity
    • Isolate granular impact of promotional activities
  • Performance Dashboard
    • Measure promotional performance
      • KPI Scorecards
      • Analytics-on-Demand

Plan for Growth

  • Scenario Planner
    • On-demand scenario builder for promotional planning
    • Real-time analysis for budget reallocation
  • Customer Profiler
    • Identify customer needs, behaviors and preferences
    • Create distinct, actionable segments to maximize ROI
  • Campaign Enhancer
    • AI/ML algorithm-driven personalized promotional strategy
    • Identify key drivers of engagement and performance

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WIZ Omnichannel Promotion Analytics Platform

customized for your business needs

WIZ Omnichannel Promotion Analytics Platform

customized for your business needs