Powerful solutions for Pre Launch/Early-Stage Assets

Market Assessments
  • Comprehensive Literature searches for epi, market growth projections
  • Sizing Treatment Flows and Market Shares analysis using Big Data/ Claims/EMR/EHR/Lab etc.
  • Dynamic Patient Journey quantification and visualization
AI ML Use Case to Identify and Target Emerging Patients
ML solution predicted with 76% accuracy 3k new patients with a high likelihood of being prescribed the target brand, translating to $480M in potential revenue.
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Promotional Mix
Uncover how your marketing budget can be working harder for you by optimizing your marketing and promotional efforts.
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Brand Opportunity Assessments
  • Patient based Forecast Model to size opportunity and build scenarios for different share, access, promotional & market entry/competitor event options
  • Leverage Points Workshops to size & prioritize brand opportunities
  • Strategic Consulting & Analysis Support
Identify Underdiagnosed Patients Via IZE Patient Finder
Harness the predictive power of AI ML & NLP to find un-diagnosed emerging patients.
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Creating a Framework for Weekly Forecasting Post COVID-19
COVID-19’s impact on forecasted sales was not expected. This POV demonstrates a new framework and solution for Monthly…
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Access Assessment
  • Assessment of Access environment in given therapy area
  • Payer Influence / Payer Mix Analyses
  • Time to Reimbursement for available therapies – Remit/PlanTrak and other data assets
  • Treatment shares by Payer /Plan using claims data
AI ML Use Case for Rebate and Contract Optimization
The Machine Learning Solution predicted likely share and rebate scenarios at a Plan level to enable optimization.
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AI ML Use Case for Overcoming Access Hurdles
Machine learning solution proactively identified look-alike eligible PCSK9 patients for a Big Pharma…
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Clinical Trial Accelerator
  • IZE Trial Optimizer offering
  • Proactive field-based triggers to find appropriate patients
  • Proven to accelerate recruitment and time to market
  • Particularly relevant for difficult to recruit Rare Disease/ niche Indications
  • AI/ML predictive modelling, NLP analytics for translating medical notes
Expedite COVID 19 Trial Enrollment
Predicting COVID-19 surges at a county level for the next 30 days could ultimately pave the way for speedier trial enrollment
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Accelerating Trial Enrollment via IZE Trial Accelerator
Harness the predictive power of AI ML & NLP to expedite clinical trial enrollment.
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