Promotional Mix Optimization for a Pharmaceutical major

One of the mid size pharma clients was planning to reallocate its marketing expenses across different marketing activities & optimize its investment based on its effectiveness


  • Optimize marketing investment decisions and increase the returns and effectiveness of different marketing programs like Sales force detailing, Sampling, TV, Print, Online
  • Analyze competitive environment (impact of new entrants & competitive advertising)
  • Forecast product revenue based on simulated marketing allocation


  • Analyzed the impact of marketing mix on overall sales / profit for brand, sub-brand & portfolio.
  • Analyzed competitive environment – impact of new entrants & competitive advertising.
  • Estimated the effect of promotional synergies.
  • Optimized marketing mix
  • What-if scenario planning/Forecasting


  • Increase in revenue: Increase in incremental sales of ~ around 10-15% by reallocating marketing investment
  • Designed optimal targeting strategy at customer / segment level based on Bottoms Up Optimization
  • Cost Efficiency: Lower Cost by ~15% of overall marketing budget
  • Improved Marketing Effectiveness

Strategic Recommendations from the analysis helped our client improve long term planning for Marketing Investment


Monthly NRx Revenue by Promotion
NRx share
top down current change
revenue 01
revenue 02
revenue 03
revenue 04