Our people have rich experience in designing and implementing a wide array of business solutions, ranging from simple to extremely complex, across Healthcare, CPG, Retail and Financial verticals.

We look at each business problem with a clear, unbiased and unconditioned perspective that yields customized solutions to business problems. For us, business comes first, data science next, and we believe this is what leads to innovation.


People are at the heart of our business.

Every decision is guided by the benefit it brings to our people – which includes customers, employees, larger society and other stakeholders.

We attach comparable importance to people who go all-out to serve our customers. Only those who are happy at heart can consistently bring delight to our customers.

We remain committed to the society that has supported us in our endeavor to bring this company into being. We commit ourselves to improving the well-being of underprivileged and making this planet a more inhabitable place for generations to come.

Last, but certainly not least, the interest of our stakeholders is of great importance, since without their support we will not be able to serve our customers effectively.

We place paramount importance on the culture that we nurture within our organization. Happy people bring happiness to customers. We strive to provide our people with a balanced life so that they have time to explore their areas of interest beyond office hours. Our objective is to serve our customers effectively and efficiently, which requires fresh and innovative thinking. Innovation occurs only if we allow our unconscious mind to take over its conscious counterpart by disengaging from our regular work daily. Respect for each other, new ideas and diversity are quintessential parts of our culture.

We value innovation, whether incremental or breakthrough, as long as it serves our customers, or improves quality of life for our employees.


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23 October 2017

Tiring but fun! Exploring Windflower Resort on bicycles during an AW team outing

23 October 2017

Looking for Kohli, Dhoni or is it Sachin? Team AW plays a thrilling cricket match at Windflower Resort

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