Digital Analytics

Answering ad-hoc business questions and delivering growth insights

1. What was the impact of Organic Search crawlers being turned off?

Organic search crawler issue led to MoM drop of -49.24% and -33.56% in impressions and clicks, respectively. There was a 30% drop in Organic Search traffic MoM. Almost all keywords (Branded 7 NonBranded) and Landing Pages were impacted. The issue was fixed on 10/04, Organic Search traffic has recovered to 97% of the pre-outage level.

2. Why are Page Views and Content Clicks down but Video Views Up?

The decline in pageviews and clicks was driven by pages which depended heavily on Organic Search for traffic, hence numbers declined due to crawling issue. Video views are driven by pages where other channels drive traffic too and other channels are stronger drivers of video views, as visits from other channels increased , so did the video views.

3. Why are we witnessing a YoY decline in CPL?

CPL declined YoY because leads increased by 25% at a miniscule change of +4% in spend. Of the 153 increased leads YoY, 88% came from Facebook,
which is a low CPL channel, hence, the number of leads changed drastically with little change in spend.

4. For Paid Media why is CTR down MoM?

MoM, impressions increased by 8% and clicks increased just 3%. Facebook experienced the largest decrease in CTR, it is possible the new creatives are not resonating with users, as we did not see the usual improvements in click efficiencies expected with a creative refresh. The primary media objective is lead volume, which increased 1% on flat media spend MoM.