AI Use Case for Trigger Based Targeting


Identified 1K eligible patient universe translating to ~160M market potential. Identified physician specialties to target at launch towards influencing prescribing behavior.


Brand team for a first-in-class ultra-rare disease Oncology brand was interested in market sizing through estimation of potential patient universe. Together with target physician profiles, this would inform launch planning and preparation of sales force call plans.


Estimate the size of the anonymized patient universe. Visualize the Patient Journey at each stage from diagnosis to treatment.

Identify specific physician specialties and sites to target across academic centers and community clinics.

Post launch, deploy targeted sales force enabled by trigger-based alerts.


Unstructured data from medical & lab claims data and EMR/EHR clinical notes were analyzed by developing a Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution. This was then cross-referenced against claims data from a different source to determine the universe of eligible patients for the ultra-rare condition.