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Analytical Wizards is a multi-national company of seasoned data scientists, senior pharmaceutical and retail experts, and technology innovators. We believe this unique mix of skill and great minds differentiates us and powers our innovation. We live our passion every day as together we solve new and emerging business challenges for our customers.

Ram Sharma, Founder and CEO
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Analytical Wizards are experts who are passionate about data and advanced analytics, and the power knowledge and deeper insights can bring to our business decisions. Our unique mix of skills – data science, domain expertise, technology and high touch customer service make us stand out among our peers. We are experts at integrating analytics and business insights that translate into actions. We employ a high touch model with continuous engagement with every customer. We are focused on delivering value to our clients through machine learning (ML), efficiencies and scalability, enabling agile business decisions.

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Analytical Wizards automate complex analytic models using tools that expedite efficient big data mining using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) power to uncover deep insights.

Our patent-pending WIZ platform and IZE engine are scalable, customizable, efficient solutions that integrate seamlessly with most technology stacks. Our products enable processing and merging of divergent data sets, dynamic analysis and powerful visualizations. Our solutions are efficient, repeatable, agile and budget conscious.

Analytical Wizards’ complete suite of powerful solutions address pre-launch business planning needs and post-launch performance acceleration. Our solutions integrate with customers own IT and CRM systems to improve efficiencies, and scale for both small and large companies. Primarily used in the pharma/biotech industries, these tools can also be used in the retail and financial sectors.

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Our unique mix of skills – data science, domain expertise, technology and high touch customer service make us stand out among our peers.

Analytical Wizards is an advanced analytic company designing cutting-edge business solutions. We are a multinational, diverse company with offices in the US and India. We are a team of dedicated data scientists, seasoned pharmaceutical/biotech commercial leaders, and technology innovators with a passionate support team committed to delivering best-in-class solutions. We are a family. One team that spans the globe. We are award winners and recognized by industry for novel, impactful solutions.